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GFWC Junior Women's Club of Butler
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Tanya Ambrose

Angela Anderson

Tracy Bellis

Dannjean Colley

Kim Cooper

Suzy Fleeger

Jeannie Gilkey

Christi Hilliard

Lucia Hindman

Carolyn House

Renee Laidlaw

Tina Lourens

Rebecca Lozzi

Lynn McKinney

Paula Miller

Stacy Panei

Candy Porch

Nicole Robinson

Kristen Salina

Tricia Sheakley

Suzanne Shewalter-Brown

Hollie Stevenson

Carleigh Stoner

Amy West

Amy Zielinski


 Inactive Members

Susan Rogerson

We would like to welcome new members to club!

If you are interested in joining please contact Stacy Panei at 724-991-1090 or